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Balti Curries
47 Arwenack St
TR11 3JH
Tel: 01326 317905
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Balti Curries Guestbook

Graham Kingaby

My wife Elizabeth and I thank you for an absolutely stunning meal Elizabeth said it was the bust passandra she had ever had Thank you


Have been ordering from balti for many years, and always thoroughly enjoy and recommend. However, tonight's two basic chicken curries were really disappointing. They arrived super quick -which wasn't a problem for us as we were in any way - and hungry. BUT they were very low on spice, quite watery and luke warm. We often order this dish as a basic and tasty low-medium spiced weekend curry, and have always been able to rely on its consistent quality. Tonight's order tasted qualitatively different from usual, and neither of us finished our meal (unheard of). This is the first time we have been disappointed by a meal from you in many years, so felt the need to feed that back to you. Bring back the delicious chicken curry!


We had a fantastic vegan takeaway from the Balti yesterday. I phoned to ask which veggie dishes were vegan and they said they could make any of them vegan for us. Even a delicious korma which was made with coconut milk. 10 out of 10 - a lovely meal

Mick Wilson

Great curries for my wife's birthday, Jacqui, with me & friends today, birthday ballon, table sash wishing happy birthday, & to top it all a surprise from staff, lights went out & up came a small chocolate cake with a small flare sizzling away, card & bottle of presseco, meal & hospitality top notch; thank you


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Saturday night takeaway good as ever enjoyed it


really enjoyed the food, recommend it to anyone who is hungry and like eastern cuisine

Balti Curries

Thank you so much. Hope to see you soon again. Take care.

Mike Goldsack

First time we've tried this service. Great meal but we ordered the food for 7pm. It arrived at 6:20pm! The delivery man said "oh yeah, it does say 7 o'clock on the order" but had no idea why he was 40 minutes early. Luckily, we'd just arrived home and were in to receive the order but it was then a rush to get plates, cutlery etc. sorted out to eat.


Dear Balti Curries, I just ordered a takeaway from you and received it. I have been ordering from you on and off for 4 years now and have recommended you to all of my friends, however I will no longer be doing that. Apparently for some reason he delivery guy couldnt buzz my flat and said he'd rung me when I have no missed calls all I heard was swearing and banging outside my block door "****ing students, bloody students" which of course I was not then willing to open my flat to. Then he started banging on what happened to be my bedroom window aggressively to which I replied telling him not to. I then realised who he was and went to the door where he was calm and explained about the buzzer not working. So I was willing to leave it, but as he walked off he started saying "bloody students bloody students". I was literally shaking when this guy was banging on my window and swearing at me! He came across as rude and threatening and I am not impressed at all. I work full time and am currently ill so I thought I'd treat myself to a takeaway to make myself feel better and now I just want to chuck it away. Absolutely disgraceful customer service if I treated anyone like that in my job my managers would fire me on the spot. Disgusting.


I m very very sorry from my driver ,I will speak with him tomorrow because he already left today if he not relaise mistakehimself I will out from him work please forgive us 1 time I have no address I m happy to send u food voucher hem

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